07 Dec

The Jungle - Young Vic Theatre, London

Ben has joined the cast of 'THE JUNGLE' based on the refugees of Calais camp, France and their journeys.

He will star as the role of 'SALAR' - Afghan Café. restaurant owner.

This new play to hit the stage will recreate the theatre - The Stalls have been transferred into the Afghan Flag cafe, in which audience members are involved in the story and watch the action happen right in front of their eyes. Sitting around the stage. The upper circle has been transformed into the 'Cliffs of Dover' giving audience members a birds eye view of the stage.

"This is the place people suffered and dreamed."

Okot wants nothing more than to get to the UK. Beth wants nothing more than to help him.

Meet the hopeful, resilient residents of “The Jungle”– just across the Channel, right on our doorstep.

Join refugees and volunteers from around the world over fresh baked naan and sweet milky chai at the Afghan Café.  

From Good Chance Theatre, a new play where worlds collide. In the worst places, you meet the best people.

Creatives & Cast:

Directors: Stephen Daldry & Justin Martin

Design: Miriam Buether

Costumes: Catherine Kodicek

Light: Jon Clark

Sound: Paul Arditti

Musical Direction / Composition: John Pfumojena

Video: Tristan Shepherd

Casting: Julia Horan CDG


Ben Turner (SALAR), Raphael Acloque (HENRI/YASIN), Ammar Haj Ahmad (SAFI), Aliya Ali & Alyssa Denise D’Souza (AMAL),Mohammad Amiri (NORULLAH), Girum Bekele, Bruk Kumelay (YOHANNES), Elham Ehsas (MUZAMIL), Trevor Fox(BOXER), Moein Ghobsheh (OMID), Michael Gould (DEREK), Ansu Kabia (MOHAMMED), Alex Lawther (SAM), Jo McInnes (PAULA), John Pfumojena (OKOT), Rachel Redford (BETH), Rachid Sabitri (ALI), Mohamed Sarrar (OMAR) and Nahel Tzegai (HELENE)

PERFORMANCES FROM: 7 December 2017 - 9 January 2018 at the Young VIc Theatre, London.

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