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Ben Turner: Theatre, Film TV Actor

Ben Turner is a London born, British-Iranian actor with extensive stage experience having worked with many of the UK’s top directors including Michael Grandage, Sir Peter Hall, Michael Attenborough and David Lan.

Ben took on the popular role of ‘Jay Faldren’ in BBC One‘s long standing medical drama “Casualty” between 2008-2011. He went on to star in blockbuster epic ‘300: Rise of an Empire’, in which he played Eva Green’s right hand man General Artaphernes.

Ben took on the challenging lead role of Amir in Khaled Hosseini’s best selling novel ‘The Kite Runner’ in  the west end and UK touring productions (2013-2017) and worked opposite Niamh Cusack as the role of of Nino Sarratore in ‘My Brilliant Friend’ at the National Theatre (2019). He starred as Salar in Stephen Daldry’s ‘The Jungle’ throughout its UK and USA tours (2017-2023) and ‘Macduff’ in Macbeth the Show starring alongside Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma (2023-2024).

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Macbeth - as “Macduff” - UK/USA theatre tour 18 November 2023 - 5 May 2024

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Tony and BAFTA Award winner Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma star in a brand-new ‘full-voltage visceral’ production of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Filmed live at Dock X, a custom-built theatre space in London, this critically acclaimed staging of Macbeth ‘that quickens the pulse, then goes for the jugular’ will be unmissable on the big screen.

  •  02/05/2024 12:28 PM

Jimmi spends the weekend at a silent retreat, but will it be the peaceful time he needs?

  •  02/11/2023 03:42 PM

Macbeth The Show: A couple corrupted by their relentless lust for power have blood on their hands. Witness the gripping tale of greed, murder, deception and superstition. This unique stage production will run 18 November 2023 - 28 April 2024 (Various locations throughout UK and USA)

  •  25/10/2023 01:35 PM

Gameplay voice for video game Assassin's Creed Mirage

  •  06/10/2023 12:52 AM

A modern-day version of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', which explores a young man's psyche as he contemplates avenging his father's death.

  •  03/07/2023 10:59 AM

A story of an estranged couple, May and Cody, who is forced on an adventure to mend their relationship as their souls are transferred into a pair of dolls.

  •  10/05/2023 08:56 PM

“Great is the hope that makes man cross borders. Great is the hope that keeps us alive.” THE JUNGLE returning to the USA! Visiting New York and Washington DC March 2023

  •  23/01/2023 08:53 AM

Theatre Credits:

2023/2024 Macbeth The Show UK / USA Tour | as “Macduff” (Director: Simon Godwin) 

2023 -The Jungle | St Ann's Warehouse, NYC & Harman Hall STC, Washington DC US Tour | as 'Salar' (Director: Stephen Daldry & Justin Martin)

2021 The Barn | Turbine Theatre, London | as ‘Joe’ (Director: Paul Bradshaw & Naomi Miller)

2019/2020 - My Brilliant Friend | National Theatre, London | as 'Nino Sarratore' (Director: Melly Still) 

2018/2019 - The Jungle | St Ann's Warehouse, NYC & The Curran Theatre, San Francisco US Tour | as 'Salar' (Director: Stephen Daldry)

2017/2018 - The Jungle | The Playhouse Theatre, London | as 'Salar' (Director: Stephen Daldry)

2017 - The Jungle | Young Vic, London | as 'Salar' (Director: Stephen Daldry)

2017 - The Kite Runner | Wyndhams Theatre, London | as 'Amir' (Director: Giles Croft)

2016 - The Iliad | The Lyceum, Edinburgh | as 'Achilles' (Director: Mark Thomson)

2014 - The Kite Runner | UK Tour | as 'Amir' (Director: Giles Croft)

2014 - Maiden Voices From The Uprising | Royal Court Theatre | as 'Various' (Director: Vicky Featherstone)

2013 - The Kite Runner | Nottingham Playhouse / Liverpool Playhouse | as 'Amir' (Director: Giles Croft)

2011 - Richard II | Donmar Warehouse, London | as 'Mowbray/Salisbury' (Director: Michael Grandage)

2008 - Dov and Ali | Theatre 503 | as 'Dov' (Director: Alex Sims)

2007 - Awake and Sing | Almeida | as 'Ralph Berger' (Director: Michael Attenborough)

2007 - Soldier's Fortune | The Young Vic | as 'Fourbin' (Director: David Lan)

2006 - Outlying Islands | The Young Vic | as 'Robert' (Director: Loveday Ingram)

2006 - Measure For Measure / Habeus Corpus | Tour | as 'Cladio/Dennis' (Director: Sir Peter Hall)

2005 - As You Like It | Wyndhams, London | as 'Sylvius' (Director: David Lan)

2004 - Charley's Aunt | Northcott Theatre, Exeter | as 'Jack' (Director: Richard Beecham)

2004 - The Arab Israeli Cook Book | The Gate Theatre, London | as 'Naji' (Director: Tim Rosen)

2003 - A Midsummer Night's Dream | Sheffield Crucible Theatre | as 'Lysander' (Director: Michael Grandage)

2003 - Caligula | Donmar Warehouse, London | as 'Scipio' (Director: Michael Grandage)

2002 - Cahoot's Macbeth | King's Head Theatre, London | as 'Macbeth' (Director: Beckie Mills)

2001 - R.S.C The Merchant of Venice | Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon | as 'Lorenzo' (Director: Loveday Ingram)

Television Credits:

2023 - Doctors | BBC | Series 24: 121 | as ‘Luke Brett’ (Director: Niall Fraser)
2022 - The Ipcress File | ITV | Series 1 Ep 3 | as ‘Adem’ (Director: James Watkins)

2015 - The Coroner | BBC One | Series 1 Ep 10 | as 'Dr Mel Siddiqui' (Director: Niall Fraser)

2015 - Eastenders | BBC One | Dot's trial - as 'Adrian Quinlan QC' (Director: Various)

2014 - WPC 56 | BBC One | Series 2 Ep 1-5 | as ' DI Max Harper' (Director: Various)

2013 - Death in Paradise | BBC one | Season 2 Ep 4 | as 'Chris Winchester' (Director: Alrick Riley)

2008-2011 - Casualty | BBC One | Series 23 Ep 8 to Series 26 Ep 16 | as nurse 'Jay Faldren'  (Director: Various)

2008 - Casualty | BBC One | Series 22 Ep 33 | as rape victim 'Sam Baxter' (Director: Jon Sen)

2007 - The Bill | ITV | Series 23 Ep 62 | as 'Si Magley' (Director: Karl Neilson)

2006 - Doctor Who | BBC One | Series 2 Ep 4 | as 'King Louis XV' (Director: Euros Lyn)

2005 - I Shouldn't Be Alive: Escape from the Amazon | Discovery Channel | as 'Markus' (Director: Mark Westcott)

2005 - Casualty | BBC One | Series 19 Ep 30 | as farm worker 'Davy Pickering' (Director: Graeme Harper)

2004 - As If | Carnival Films | as 'Andrew' (Director: David Kerr)

Film Credits:

2024 - Macbeth In Cinemas: Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma | Live Production | as ‘Macduff’ (Directed by: Simon Godwin) 

2022 - TESTAMENT | Feature Film | Angel Studios | as ‘James The Just’ (Directed by: Roarlight) 

2017 - Six Days | Netflix UK | as 'Salim' (Director: Toa Fraser)

2014 - 300: Rise of an Empire | Warner Bros. | as 'General Artaphernes' (Director: Noam Murro)

2013 - The Fifth Estate | Dreamworks | as 'Reporter' (Director: Bill Condon)

2008 - AdULTHOOD | Limelight | as 'Giles' (Director: Noel Clarke)

2006 - Syriana | Warner Brothers | as 'Student Protest Leader' (Director: Steven Gagan)

Short Film Credits:

2023 - Soft Facts | as ‘Danny’ | Sixteen Films (Director: Paul Copeland)

  • A short film exploring fake news, media manipulation and the breakdown of a relationship.  

2022 - Halmet Within | as ‘Hamlet’ | Art Cinema Productions (Director: Ken McMullen)

  • Five acts in search of a murderous Prince. A radical cinematic investigation of the myth of Hamlet. The eternal struggle between the instincts of Life and Death within us

2021 - Junior Messenger | as the voice of ‘Hashim Basora’ (Director: Azeem Bhati)

  • At the of the pandemic, a junior doctor steps outside during her night shift to deliver news. 

2020 - Officer Down | as ‘Elijah’ (Director: Simon Pearce)

  • A young British police officer, fighting for his life, has become trapped during a riot. In order to survive, he must overcome his fears and bias to save an enemy that could be his only hope. 

2019 - The Postman ('Posta Rasan') | as 'Yasin' (Director: Elham Ehsas)

  • The postman of Kabul pens a letter to a lost love. (Language: Dari)

2012 - Been Here For Days | Nona Film | as 'Stuart' (Director: Dominik Rippl)

  • Two stories woven into one. The first about death, showing what its like to die in this way and what its like to be a witness of that death. The sad, the funny, the weird and the unsanitised version. The second is story about a boy and his father, about the love and hate you can feel towards a person. The mess of family relationships. 

2012 - Love in the Afternoon | Midnight Lark Productions | as 'Ollie' (Director: Lou Gerring)

  • Audrey, a shy, awkward publishing assistant, flounders in a world of romantic, erotic fiction. Like the hapless heroines of the stories she edits, Audrey desperately wants to find love, but lacks the confidence to know how. Until one day, an unlikely suitor bestows three words on paper: I. Love. You.

2011 - BILINGUAL | as 'George' | National Film And Television School (Director: Chamoun Issa)

  • Meet Hana. Sixteen - and fed up. Meet Juno. Engaged - and annoying. Meet Mum. Excited - and determined to get Hana down the aisle next. But Hana has other plans.

    Bilingual is a graduation film from the National Film & Television School, UK. It is a subversive culture clash comedy shot in the vulgar style of contemporary Arabic soap operas. It won Prix-interculturel and Arte-kurzfilm for best film at the Munich International Festival of Film Schools.

2008 - The Big Slap | as 'Ben Turner' (Director: Tom Shrapnel)

  • A silent movie showing how real men should fight.

Radio Credits:

12 September 2020 - "The English Lesson" - BBC Radio 4 | as "Farooq" (Director: Emma Harding)

"Farooq is a recent immigrant to the UK and an adept student of English. He becomes close friends with his teacher, Johnny, but a sharing of language is not the same as mutual cultural understanding." (New drama by: Tamsin Oglesby) 

Guest Appearances

23 March 2011 - The Wright Stuff | Channel 5 | Ep #15.53

  • Ben is invited to be a guest panelist on the morning talk show alongside Matthew Wright, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown and Terry Christian

19 February 2010 - Let's Dance for Sports Relief | BBC One

  • Medical Dramas: Casualty and Holby City perform 'Jai Ho'  
  • Cast: Tony Marshall, Ben Turner, Rosie Marcel, Luke Roberts and Charles Dale

20 November 2009 - Children in Need 2009 | BBC One 

  • Medical drama: Casualty

Cast: Ben Turner, Derek Thomson, Tony Marshall, Charles Dale, Suzanne Packer, Tristan 

Other Project Credits:

2023 - Assassin’s Creed Mirage | Video game | by Ubisoft. 

  • Ben Turner as one of the gameplay voices (character unnamed) 

2023 - It Takes Two | Motion Capture Gameplay | Hazelight Studios.

2022 - The DioField Chronicle | Video game |

  • Ben Turner as the English dub voice of “Dalmazzio Borgatti”

2021 - Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker | Online Video game |

  • Ben Turner as the English dub voice of “Ahewann”