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Hamlet Revenant

Alternative names of Hamlet Revenant, previously known as: 

The Ghost Within 

Hamlet Within: five acts in search of a murderous prince

Release date: 30 July 2023 (Spain)

1 hr 26m 

A modern-day version of Shakespeare's 'Hamlet', which explores a young man's psyche as he contemplates avenging his father's death.

Writer/Director: Ken McMullen 


Ian McKellen - The Ghost

Dominique Piñon - Michel de Montaigne

John Shrapnel - Claudius

Lex Shrapnel - Hamlet

Gabriella Wright - Montaigne’s Muse

Ben Turner - Hamlet

“Hamlet Within is a radical cinematic investigation into the myth of Hamlet, its origins and its enduring appeal across cultures and systems of beliefs. Drawing on post-modernist movements in Art, History, Philosophy, and Psychoanalysis, the work asks the question: "why Hamlet" and more appropriately perhaps, "why Now". As we delve into this inquisitive journey, actors and scholars come together in a semi-fictional discourse to expose the myths and principles behind Hamlet's construct as a folk story appropriated by Shakespeare in the late 16th Century. Shot in five acts and framed by a prelude and an epilogue, the work is a "meta modernist" collage of acted real-life monologues and staged dialogues, deciphering Hamlet's intricate plot and referencing some if its famous Soliloquies. McMullen also draws from his extra-ordinary archives of interviews with some of the most important thinkers of the 20th century to argue the validity and viability of the myth in today's world.” — Gisele Miriam Phillips

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