01 May

Amie, Sooz, Nicki, Alex, Sasha and Rob - all friends, all around eighteen, and all stars in their own drama. 

Each half hour episode of AS IF is shot from one of the group's point of view. The thing is, each of them feels that this gives them control over the story they choose to tell, but we can see around the edges and between the lines, and they're less like the cast of 'Friends' than they like to think. Real life is just messier, and funnier, and more painful.

There’s Jamie the wannabe. He lives in a perpetual state of sexual frustration. Sooz the eccentric - secretly thinks she’s too ugly to ever have a boyfriend. Alex is a natural born liar and Rob - he’s a bit of a mystery man, less confident that the others might think. Sasha is apparently in control but she loves a good fight. And then there’s Nicki - little Miss Perfect or so she seems....

Intimate secrets. Hedonistic club nights. Spontaneous parties. Painful dates. Straight sex, gay sex, cyber sex. They’re not Generation X they’re just x-rated. As If you wanna miss this.

STARRING: Paul Chequer, Emily Corrie, Jemima Rooper, Caroline Chikeze, Ben Waters, Orlando Wells 

Ben Turner starring as “Andrew” in the episode directed by David Kerr.

All Video/Image credits belong to Carnival Films

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