01 May


National Film & Television School

Director: Chamoun Issa

Ben Turner starring as “George”

Meet Hana. Sixteen - and fed up. Meet Juno. Engaged - and annoying. Meet Mum. Excited - and determined to get Hana down the aisle next. But Hana has other plans.

Bilingual is Chamoun Issa’s graduation film from the National Film & Television School, UK. It is a subversive culture clash comedy shot in the vulgar style of contemporary Arabic soap operas.

It won Prix-interculturel and Arte-kurzfilm for best film at the Munich International Festival of Film Schools

Featured at:

MIT short film festival

Skena up international students film and theatre festival

Sã̃o Paulo international short film festival


Tel Aviv international student film festival

& Broadcast on French-German TV Arte.

Bilingual (2005) Short Film: 

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