10 Nov

Casualty Series 19 Episode 30

“And on that farm” directed by Graeme Harper and written by Stephen McAteer

Aired: 26th March 2005 

Ben Turner as farmer “David Pickering” in 2005 prior to his regular role on the show between 2008-2011 as Nurse Jay Faldren. 

This episode is a Police and Doctors special where the main focus is on Selena and ex-husband Will investigating a murder at a farm.

An explosion at a farm, leads to a number of casualties including an old man called Joe. After her hospital shift,Selena spends the day with Will on her police doctor shift when she gets a call to certify the death of David Pickering, at the farm after the original incident has taken place. Things are frosty between the pair at first, especially when the policewoman working with Will makes snide comments to Selena. Selena turns detective when she helps Will solve the murder – the murderer being Sophie -and uncovers chemical waste disposal on the farm. At the end of the day Will tells Selena he wants them to try again – he says he was seeing the policewoman but that the relationship is over. Selena realises she needs to move on and tells him she wants a divorce.

Ben Turner as farmer “Davie” S19 E30:

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