05 Jan

Charley's Aunt

Venue: Northcott Theatre, Devon

Director: Richard Beecham

Year: 26 August - 18 September 2004

Ben Turner as “Jack”

Charley's rich Aunt, Dona Lucia, is visiting from Brazil (where the nuts come from!). The timing couldn't be better. Her presence as a chaperone will allow him and his friend Jack to invite their respective true loves, Amy and Kitty, for luncheon to ask for their hands in marriage. Time is ticking, Amy is soon to leave for Scotland, but where is Charley's Aunt? On learning she is delayed by several days, scuppering their romantic plans, they blackmail their eccentric friend, Lord Fancourt Babberley, to pose as Dona Lucia. Chaos ensue as the imposter Aunt is courted by Jack's father and Amy's guardian. And then Charlie's real Aunt arrives...

Source: https://www.uktw.co.uk/archive/T0467983707 

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