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Published by Holby.tv 24 December 2008.

CASUALTY actor Ben Turner has only just started on the show having hit our screens in October. Playing cheeky nurse Jay Faldren, Ben talks to holby.tv about his role..

How are you enjoying your time on CASUALTY so far? Have you settled in well?

Loving it!

Were you a fan of the show beforehand?

I was on the stage before coming to CASUALTY so I was always working on a Saturday night, but now that I’m on it I tune in every week 😉 😉

How did you celebrate landing the role in CASUALTY?

Splashed out on champagne!

What was your first day on Set like?

Bit nervous but up I was up for it.

What are the rest of the cast like to work with? 

All the cast are lovely and made settling in very easy. There’s a lot of talent in the building which is great to be around and making friends has been easy.

How would you describe Jay’s personality? Can you relate to him and do you have any similar traits? 

I share Jay’s cheekiness and lust for life and neither of us are afraid to tell it how it is.

Jay is very flirtatious? Can you see him getting together with any of the female staff at Holby? 

Who knows – we’ll have to see where the writers want to take the character. I’m sure Jay would be keen..!

Have you had to do much research/ hospital shadowing for your role? 

We all get the chance to visit a hospital, and it’s really useful to help understand what it’s like for real-life medical staff.

Do you mind the blood and guts side to the show or are you squeamish? 

Bring it on! Don’t mind at all.

Do you think you would be a good person to have around in an emergency? 

Absolutely, I am good in a crisis. Ironically, I have actually saved a couple of lives believe it or not, but that’s another story!

Have you ever had any real-life accidents? 

No, ‘touch wood’.

Who or what inspired you to become an actor? Who are your favourite actors/ actresses?

My dad’s an actor – caught the bug from him, he’s brilliant I’ve always admired him. I also fell in love with Al Pacino as a boy. The Godfather trilogy knocked my socks off.

Away from the hectic filming schedules, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love to travel to far off places; driving fast cars and even faster bikes.

What was the last… 

a) CD you bought.

Kings of Leon

b) film you watched

Iron man

c) book you read?

Call of the wild – Jack London

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