12 Nov
A short film by Sixteen Films, exploring fake news, media manipulation and the breakdown of a relationship.

When Danny McCarthy is sent a video of his wife Maia, a humanitarian aid worker, apparently being kidnapped in the Middle East, he launches a digital investigation into an online world where nothing is at it seems. Grappling with rampant disinformation, automated trolls, and deep fakes, he starts to question every aspect of their relationship, as he goes deeper and deeper into… Soft Facts.

Writer & Director: Paul Copeland

Producer: Jack Thomas O’Brien

Company: Sixteen Films 

Ben Turner as “Danny” alongside Olivia Vinall

And Waj Ali

Production Country: UK and India

Running time: 15 Minutes 

Release date: 2023

When Maia McCarthy disappears in a war zone, her husband Danny follows her online trail into a world where facts are never what they seem. 


‘Soft Facts’ Production wrap!  © Jack Thomas-O’Brien via Twitter public platform

Premiere: Rhode Island International Film Festival 2023

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