25 Mar

The Iliad

Ben stars as "Achilles" in the stage play - THE ILIAD 

By Chris Hannan
Directed by Lyceum Artistic Director Mark Thomson

“… There is the heat of Love, the pulsing rush of longing, the lover’s whisper, irresistible – magic to make the sanest man go mad.”

The Gods of Olympus take their sides and the fates of all men hang in the balance. On the battlefield of Troy the scene is set for the final conflict to claim the beautiful Helen. Only the invincible Greek warrior Achilles can tip the scales of war to glory or defeat, but humiliated by his leader Agamemnon, he is stubbornly refusing to join the fray.

Homer's Iliad, the greatest and most influential epic poem ever written, tells of the tragic and bloody climax to the ten-year siege of Troy; the darkest episode in the Trojan War.

This great tale of gods and heroes, love, jealousy and revenge is brought to visceral life in a brand new adaptation by award winning Scottish Playwright Chris Hannan (Crime and Punishment, Elizabeth Gordon Quinn, Shining Souls).


Ben Turner - Achilles

Jennifer Black - Hecuba / Servant to the Gods
Peter Bray - Paris / River
Emanuella Cole - Hera
Richard Conlon - Zeus
Amiera Darwish - Brieses / Helen / Aphrodite
Ben Dilloway - Hector
Ron Donachie - Agamemnon / Priam
Melody Grove - Thetis / Andromache
Mark Holgate - Patroclus
Reuben Johnson - Diomede / Lycaon
Daniel Poyser - Ulysses / Hephaestus

THE ILIAD (2016) - The Lyceum Website

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