23 Jan

The Jungle USA - 2.0!

“Great is the hope that makes man cross borders. Great is the hope that keeps us alive.”

THE JUNGLE returns for their second US tour beginning with St Ann’s Warehouse, Brooklyn NYC on February 18 - March 19 before transferring to Washington DC’s Shakespeare Theatre Company playing in Harman Hall between March 28 - April 16 2023.

Welcome to The Jungle where cultures collide and thousands dream of crossing the English Channel to the possibility of freedom. Laughter, tears, allegiances, and prayers are shared by this extraordinary community of refugees caught up in a global crisis beyond their control.

Directed by: Stephen Daldry and Justin Martin

By: Joe Murphy and Joe Robertson

Originally a National Theatre, Young Vic, and Good Chance co-production


- Ammar Haj Ahmad as narrator “Safi”

Ben Turner as “Salar”

- Moein Ghobsheh as “Omid”

- Yasin Moradi as “Hamid”

- Jonathan Nyati as “Mohammed”

- Dominic Rowan as “Derek”

- Mohamed Sarrar as “Omar”

- Jonathan Case as “Sam”

- Waleed Elgadi as “Ali” 

- Max Geller as “Henri / French Police / Yasin”

- Mylene Gomera as “Helene”

- Julie Hesmondhalgh as “Paula”

- Liv Hill as “Beth” 

- Rudolphe Mdlongwa as “Okot”

- Twana Omer as “Norullah”

- Pearce Quigley as “Boxer”

- Fedrat Sadat as “Maz”

Ensemble members: Fayez Bakhsh, Beko Wood, and Ruth Yeman

Image credits: Marc Brenner (2018)

Tickets for NYC’s St Ann’s Warehouse performances: https://stannswarehouse.org/show/the-jungle-2023/

Tickets for Washington DC’s Shakespeare Theatre Company performances:  https://www.shakespearetheatre.org/events/the-jungle-22-23/

Ed Burnside (Resident Director) and Ben Turner (Salar) chat with DCTheaterArts on TikTok about the immersive set of The Jungle. Video credits: DCTheaterArts.

Ben Turner in The Jungle Rehearsals 

Image © by Ammar Haj Ahmad taken in 2020 and obtained from @GoodChanceCal / Good Chance Theatre Twitter platform

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